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You may have financial questions—most revolving around  the accumulation, preservation and transfer of wealth. How do I build more  wealth? How do I protect what I have? How do I transfer it tax-efficiently to my heirs? How do I structure my charitable giving for maximum impact?

Tim Starkey, a Certified Financial Planner® and Chartered Financial Consultant® with over 15 years of experience discusses these topics and more. Tim loves communicating with people about their wealth and helping them work towards achieving what is most important to them. Here, he discusses common money questions you may (or should) be wondering about.

Low Taxes May Not Last Thumbnail

Low Taxes May Not Last

Because wealth isn't about what you make, but what you keep, there are a number of strategies to consider now to help protect your wealth from a potentially rising tax environment.

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How To Pass On Your Financial Values to the Next Generation Thumbnail

How To Pass On Your Financial Values to the Next Generation

In the next two or three decades, it is expected that a great wealth transfer will occur. No matter how much or how little wealth you plan on passing down to your children or grandchildren, you should make it a priority to pass on your financial values to the next generation.

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